News Flash: Geek starts blogging

So this is a blog thingy……huh. Well I suppose it’s about time I joined the blog sphere.  I’ve been a techno geek for 20+ years now.  I spend my time learning about new toys, and then ways to break them.  I thought I’d try to explain what all the techno junk that hits the stores every day really is, and what it isn’t, and what is worth you spending money on.  Oh yeah, and how to make the newest, hottest widget work for you.

I’ve got a twitter thingy on the side there, lots of cool stuff I see so I thought I’d share it with the world, and my spin on it all.

I hope you enjoy and keep reading, otherwise I’m just another idiot howling into the void….well I’m probably an idiot either way…..



About dazeedmonds
Techno-geek extraordinaire.

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