Star Trek has landed.

Tablets are awesome, not only are they portable internet, media,social networking devices, they are straight Star Trek type coolness. I mean how cool is walking around updating your Facebook and watching the newest failblog video on YouTube on a screen that doesn’t require a magnifying glass?

So let’s talk about what a tablet is versus what it isn’t:
A:  A tablet will not replace your desktop, a tablet will probably not replace your laptop if that is your primary computer, it might be what you find yourself taking to the store, or to Starbucks to browse the internet (i.e. Post snarky comments on your frienemy’s Facebook page)

B:  A tablet is a computer with a touchscreen and no keyboard, although you might be able to attach one to the tablet on an as needed basis.

C:  A tablet is not necessarily an iPad. In fact IPads are only a small part of the tablet market, although there are more IPads sold than any other.

Now that we’ve clearly defined what a tablet is, what are they good for?

Tablets are great devices for instant on, ready to go anywhere entertainment, information gadgets. I use mine for checking and writing emails, Facebooking, Web surfing, tweeting, gaming (yes gaming, my tablet is more powerful than the machine I used to play diablo 2 on) the list goes on. In fact the only thing I use my PC for is paying my bills, and that’s only because I haven’t moved all of my bill passwords to my tablet yet. I use my PC for photo editing also.

So if you are someone who does very little with your PC beyond Web browsing, or someone who would like to have a more portable device, yet still wants to be able to have a large screen a tablet is certainly worth considering.

But which one?
I’ll start with mine, the Acer Iconia. This is a ten inch beauty that I spend way too much time with. It has the Tegra 2 processor that is on almost all of the major brand tabs on the market right now. 16 gigs of hard drive space, with one gig of ram. Truthfully it’s not a powerhouse, but it is more than adequate for my needs. It works well, battery life is great for what I use it for, mostly social apps and some gaming. I would tell my mom to buy this tab, that’s about the highest recommendation I can give a device like this.
There are a lot of different devices out there, Toshiba,HTC, Asus, Acer all make decent tablets in different sizes and shapes. The best advice I can give for selecting one is: play with all the ones you can find, and see what you like.

Sony has two new tablets coming out both on the expensive side but they are both interesting designs and well worth the time it takes to ask uncle google about them..

I will save my apple rhetoric for another day, but I will say that the IPad is a nice piece of hardware but there are costs beyond the price tag to having an Apple product.

That’s it for this this blog, two Weeks is long enough to work on one post. (Angry Birds on a 10″ screen is awesome.)



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